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Set of 19 retro mod orange crystal goblets by Carlo Moretti, Italy.  Circa 1959 to mid 1960s. 

Hand blown with applied stems.  Featuring the velvety soft Satinato finish Moretti is famous for. The glass is top quality leaded crystal.

We describe the color as ‘Tangerine’, a semi-opaque vivid orange that glows when the light shines through.  Mesmerizing color, very popular among the very mod in the 1960s. 

It is difficult to find the Satinato finish without wear due to use and inappropriate cleaning methods.  They are NOT dishwasher safe.  The finish is durable, but it cannot withstand high heat or heavy scrubbing.  ALL goblets in the set have NO damage to the Satinato.  18 are without chips, 1 dessert/champagne goblet has a very small sliver chip on the rim.  All have rings of bottom-wear on the base due to surface contact over the past 50 years.  The ring can be seen only when looking very closely and is not considered damage.

Set includes (8) Champagne/Dessert, (6) Wine, and (5) Water/Ice Tea goblets.  Very rare to find a large set still together and in such fine shape, especially in this color.

The goblets are heavy due to the fine quality glass.  Water goblets measure 7” tall, with a 3.5” wide mouth and weigh just under 1lb each.  The wine glasses are 5.5” tall, 2.5” wide mouth and weigh just under 1/2lb.  The champagne goblets stand 4.5” tall with a 4.25” wide mouth and weigh just over 1/2 lb.

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Rare Mid-Century Modern Cambridge Glass Hambone Ashtray Set

This elegant modernist vintage ashtray set was made by Cambridge Glass in the mid 1950s.  Click here to read more about Cambridge Glass.  Both are in excellent condition. Rarely seen.

Made of thick, luscious quality vintage glass.  The beautiful glowing color was called “Mandarin Gold”. Cambridge catalogued part no. 1956/5.  Named “Hambone” ashtrays.

Large enough for cigars.  Three medium sized rests on each.  Can double as catch-all, incense burners or candle holders, when not in ash service.

Measures 8” long, 5” at widest, 1.5” tall, weighs 1.5 lbs each. Offered as a set of two.

Mid-century modern angel figurines signed and dated by Hermann.

Big beautiful retro angels in the 1970s Big Eye décor style. Signed and dated on the base.

Each weigh 2 lbs and stand 11.5” tall, 7.5” at widest point.  Large and impressive. Perfect focal décor for your Christmas display.

In very good condition with minor glaze surface flake nicks that can be seen as tiny white dots in the images below.  The glaze flakes can be easily covered up with gold paint or ink.  There are no chips or cracks. The glaze is lustrous and bright.  See it at:  Retro Art Glass

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Precious Stocking Stuffer Hand Made in Italy, 1950’s.


(via Retro Art Glass: Vintage Murano Art Glass in Cranberry and Silver)

Precious Stocking Stuffer Hand Made in Italy, 1950’s.